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The majority of companies looking to get on the web to be seen often overlook the  Search Engine Marketing (SEM), an online marketing process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid search engine listings (Pay-Per-Click).

Let's start with Search Engine Optimization, also known as "Natural," or "Organic"

Research shows that most web visitors never look past the top three pages of the search results. So if you're not listed in the top thirty, you may never be found.

Search Engine Optimization is designing, writing, and HTML-coding a Website to maximize the chance its pages will appear at the top of spider-based search engine results for selected keywords and phrases.

1. Website Optimization is a sophisticated and labor-intensive process that can give your company top billing on a Search Engine's list.

2. It can be a complicated procedure for the average person that may not have the technical skills, and mega mounts of precious time for the know-how to confront Search Engine rejection.

If the "Search Engines" can't find you, who can?

Some of the building blocks of a natural SEO campaign include:

1. Keyword-rich text - to find your site on the search engines, your pages must contain keyword phrases that match the target audience types into search queries.

2. A crawler-friendly site - your site architecture has to be made so the engine spiders can crawl your site. Your visible coding text needs to be placed just right with links and keywords.

3. Link popularity - the quality of links from other sites that point to your website.

What to expect from our SEO Service.

Based on the information from an initial briefing, we will start to do a customized report and analysis that include five elements:

1. Website Evaluation - Includes structure, design and content to see if your site is compatible with the actual search engines. Changes recommended would be both behind the scenes and as in the actually visible content that is seen by the viewer. We will identify problems that cause search engine spiders or visitors to leave your site. Recommendations and solutions will be given for maximizing your optimizations. This is a continuing process as the search engines are constantly changing.

2. Keyword Research - Rank/Select Keywords (KEI*) for the best traffic. We find popular keywords people are currently using to look for a site like yours. Are you using the right keywords to target your audience? This is very important especially with the pay-per-click search engines if you plan to do Search Engine Marketing.

3. Link Research - Locate "theme" links that apply to your website and pages. (This is very important for link popularity and pagerank.) Every major crawler- based search engine uses link analysis as part of its ranking algorithms. Link analysis is not how many links that you have, but the relative importance of each link.

4. Search Engine Report - You will receive a monthly report that will help you to see your progress in each of the search engines and ongoing recommendations as needed for the first three months as part of Phase I. (After three months, a monthly maintenance fee will be required for this service.)

5. Submission - Your site will be submitted to the top free search engines and many of the lesser engines. This will be done by hand to ensure that all submissions will be well received. To achieve maximum reach in the search engine and directory universe as quickly as possible, this is the submission order, both paid and free. Submissions with some engines must be on an ongoing basis once a month. A typical campaign will last 4-6 months for the best results.

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