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If you want to add some sizzle and create a truly cutting edge site, then the use of Multimedia is the best way to achieve this.

Multimedia on the web is the use of video, sound and animation. There are several technologies used to achieve this, however, the most common are Flash, Shockwave, Real Media.

Each of the main multimedia technologies are explained below:


This is by far the most popular multimedia technology available today. One of the reasons for this is because it comes pre-installed on most browsers. It therefore accounts for 95% of the market, since 95% of web surfers already have the flash plug-in installed on their browser, so no additional downloading is necessary. Another reason why it is so popular is that it is able to compress animations into extremely small files that look very impressive. It is different from other multimedia technologies in that a whole website can be created using Flash instead of html and the effects can be amazing. Here is an example.


This was the first multimedia technology and was brought out by Macromedia who created Flash. It is a technology adapted from the most popular program used in traditional multimedia - Macromedia Director. This is the program used by advertising and multimedia agencies to create multimedia presentations and promotional CD's.

Real Media:

This encompasses Real Video and Real Audio and allows videos, music and sound to be played on the web. What makes Real Media superior to other products is its streaming technology. This means the file has downloaded. It does this by playing the file as it downloads. It is useful for showing video presentations and is a better choice than Shockwave.

Whatever your needs we have the programmers of multimedia developers who can create dynamic presentations for your site, using any of the above technologies.

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