E-Commerce Services
Ultimate goal of your online marketing initiatives:

The main goal of your online marketing initiatives is to generate sales through an ongoing relationship. To do this end you want a system that makes maximum use of the convenience of the Internet. You look for an automated process that allows customers to order goods or services directly and securely from your web site.

E-Commerce therefore takes advantage of one of the most important aspects of direct marketing - getting the prospect while they are hot. The information on the site has already developed interest in the prospective customer and the next thing you want them to do is take action.

Ordering off-line by phone, mail or fax on the other hand then seems too laborious to initiate that they may forget about the order sooner or later. On the other hand, if they can order directly from the site with a click of a button - the benefits received will be enormous.

Custom Shopping Basket Facility

This allows customers to select various products on your site and simultaneously make payments all in one go.

Automated Credit Card Processing

Initiate transactions online with automated verification and processing. You receive money directly in your bank account.

Secure Virtual Server and Online Bank Processing

Provide online security and peace of mind to your customers and a safe credit card payment system.

Online Merchant Accounts

For new companies or those without online payment facilities, we can also arrange online merchant accounts, so you can accept credit card payments via your website.

Online Mail Order Product Catalogues or Online Shops

Turn your website into a 24 hour online store for your goods or services. An online outlet open 24 hours, for your customers to make purchases. Whatever your requirements, no matter how complex our experienced development team can create a solution to meet your needs.

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